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Logger On Cloud

Massive register of data, analisis and diagnostic of proces in the Cloud. Agile grafic viewer in real time.

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Data mannaged in safe servers hosted in Europe. Acces to the complet register without waits and on-time updated.

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Available 24/7

With a web browser, from any place and any time you can acces and control your devices and data environment.

Where to Apply

When data storage is necessary in a massive way in any time interval or in any event. When its necessary to show it in an easy and agile way. When data sources aren’t in the same place and they need to be unifyed. When there are discontinuity in the...

What we offer

DarwinData is a solution to the massive data register generated automatically. It’s created to facilitate the consultation of hight data volume, getting addapted to the changes than can be produced during time and kepping oppened to interact with other management and control systems. DarwinData stores data in an open...

How do we do it

1.- We pick up your data in servers hosted in Europe – or you can send them – in regular intervals of time, for every new unit of production or any other event. 2.- While the data is beeing stored, we order in the best mode to represent and...


Direct link within your IP devices an DarwinData Cloud....