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Logger On Cloud

Massive register of data, analisis and diagnostic of proces in the Cloud. Agile grafic viewer in real time.

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Data mannaged in safe servers hosted in Europe. Acces to the complet register without waits and on-time updated.

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Available 24/7

With a web browser, from any place and any time you can acces and control your devices and data environment.


  • Direct link between devices and Cloud
  • Simple acces in zoom time
  • Telemetry. Realtime monitoring via remote web 24/7
  • Powerful. Handles Gigabytes of data and images and responses in tenths of seconds.
  • Massive register of tags, images, events and items in the privat NoSQL DataBases.
  • SCADA funcionality. Direct tag control from the web.
  • Graffic analisis of multiple tags in the web. Customizable configuration.
  • From 1 second remote sampling intervals
  • Without limit of registerd tags, elements or events .
  • Compatible with movile 3G/4G internet connection.
  • Link with IIOT platforms. Multiprotocol.
  • Fast and quickly.