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Logger On Cloud

Massive register of data, analisis and diagnostic of proces in the Cloud. Agile grafic viewer in real time.

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Data mannaged in safe servers hosted in Europe. Acces to the complet register without waits and on-time updated.

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Available 24/7

With a web browser, from any place and any time you can acces and control your devices and data environment.

What we offer

DarwinData is a solution to the massive data register generated automatically. It’s created to facilitate the consultation of hight data volume, getting addapted to the changes than can be produced during time and kepping oppened to interact with other management and control systems.

DarwinData stores data in an open format accesible from multiples platforms and by default are shown quickly in webpages.

By couple of servers distributed in Europe and resized to every need, we offer a private acces and affordable answer to every client.