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Logger On Cloud

Massive register of data, analisis and diagnostic of proces in the Cloud. Agile grafic viewer in real time.

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Data mannaged in safe servers hosted in Europe. Acces to the complet register without waits and on-time updated.

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Available 24/7

With a web browser, from any place and any time you can acces and control your devices and data environment.

How do we do it

1.- We pick up your data in servers hosted in Europe – or you can send them – in regular intervals of time, for every new unit of production or any other event.

2.- While the data is beeing stored, we order in the best mode to represent and show; parallely we make continuos replicas in an another place servers so security is improved.

3.- You can acces to the last registerd data, and all the stored registers, without waits, with a web browser in any device.

For each of our clients we set a minimum a pair of servers 24/7 avaliable with al the data continuously replicated. We offer private and safe acces and we include them in their hosts when it’s required.

Since 2015 we have implemented solutions in different industries with the challenge to have a maximum functionality in the integration of their proces to the DarwinData cloud using links in different modes and protocols.

  • Modbus/ TCP client or slave mode
  • OPC-UA and MQTT server or client
  • Sockets with JSON or xml sending data to the whitelist cloud
  • FTP server reading files and injecting data to the DB
  • Web-service